Any events the Wobbly Goat Race Krewe hosts, if any, will be certain to follow these general guidelines: some nonsensical amount of pocket change and beer for admission.  In turn, I'll work with some local artisans somewhere to provide something interesting for your participation.  There will be no finishers medals or shirts, and I will do my damndest to avoid anything mass-produced.  As for the events themselves, they'll have some basic premises to them:

  • teams – suffering is better when there is company.  Besides, a great many running activities are already based on individual achievement.
  • hinderance stations – aid is for legitimate races; these stations will have hooch of some sort, food you probably shouldn’t be eating, and whatever other such tomfoolery I can think of
  • local beer – there are lots of good local beer makers in the area.  If I can get any to sponsor, groovy; if not, then they will be featured nonetheless.  For the teetotalers and minors, I’ll see what can be brought up for soda or other similar alternative.
  • time – there won't be any.  I don't have a watch or any fitbit thingies.  You want to know how fast you are, you’ll need to bring a stopwatch of your own.  Likewise, there will be no bibs, 1st 2nd 3rd placings, age groups, or any of that stuff.  Maybe some random prize but that will be based on personality or completely at random.
  • trails – because running on paved areas sucks more than a Hoover Deluxe or Top Gun.

For any races the I attend, outside of the 5k street races, I’ll be sure to bring along at least a growler, probably 2, for any other Krewe members or wannabes who wish to share in supporting local beermeisters.




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