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This is only meant to be a loose collection of people with a common enemy known as running.  Maybe this will change later on, but for right now, think of the Wobbly Goat Race Krewe as a drinking club with a sort of trotting problem (to blatantly steal a line from The Hash House Harriers).

Because I am a financial incompetent, I don't want your money.  Well, almost.

To join, I ask for 41 cents. Why 41 cents? That is the total of a quarter, dime, nickel, and penny. And 41 is a prime number. Neither of which makes any sense in answering the question, unless you are worried about The Illuminati, Freemasons, or Opus Dei. But what I would really want is beer or anything else you wish to barter with. I just happen to like beer. Give me that, and your shirt size, (and the requisite 41 cents) and I’ll be sure to hook you up with a handsome long sleeve tech shirt.  Wear this with pride at an event of your choosing and send a picture over. Not sure what sort of beer would be good? Follow your conscience, as that will also help me determine what you think of this overall bad idea. A couple of loose cans from a 6-pack of Stroh's sends a different message than someone dropping a case of Atwater on my lap.  I am good with home brew as well as kegs and growlers. Be cheap or extravagantly generous, but above all, be honest.  You'll still get a gorgeous shirt to make other men insanely jealous and women violently covetous.  As an aside, some things I will not take in trade: ex-husbands, current girlfriends, asparagus, gummy-anything, and tighty-whitey underwear with cast-iron skidmarks. Some things I will take: beer, a Mike Reno sweatband, really great beer, a truly trashy movie that no decent society would condone, fucking amazing beer, musical instruments.

A note for those who want to join and live wicked far away, like Belgium, we can work something out, like a soccer shirt from the Dutch national team.

My arms are open to anyone who wishes to join, no matter your distance from the Saginaw Bay area or your level of athleticism.  If, however, you truly feel that running is dumb, you have finished dead fucking last in a race, or wear a kilt during events, let me know so you will be near and dear to my heart, and I will find some way to show my appreciation.

As an enticement, I plan to change the logo at regular intervals for each new group of members, should I get any at all.  I am not sure what that number will be yet, but I do know the goat will become increasingly drunk until finally wiped out. So, if you are a collector of stupid things, get in on the ground floor now and bring in your friends later. The logos may or may not be retired with the increase of numbers.

If you can't find me in person, CLICK HERE to send me an email and we'll work out some way to trade items.

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